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A structure of considerable magnitude, usually with arches or supported on trestles, for carrying a road, as a railroad, high above the ground or water; a bridge; especially, one for crossing a valley or a gorge. Cf. Trestlework.

  1. A series of spans or arches used to carry a road or railroad over a wide valley or over other roads or railroads.

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× തീവണ്ടിപ്പാലം - Theevandippaalam | Theevandippalam
× ആര്‍ച്ചുകള്‍ - Aar‍chukal‍ | ar‍chukal‍
× ആർച്ചുകൾ - Aarchukal | archukal
× വലിയ പാലം - Valiya Paalam | Valiya Palam


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