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The hypothetical radical C2H3, regarded as the characteristic residue of ethylene and that related series of unsaturated hydrocarbons with which the allyl compounds are homologous.

  1. The univalent chemical radical CH2CH, derived from ethylene.
  2. Any of various compounds containing the vinyl radical, typically highly reactive, easily polymerized, and used as basic materials for plastics.
  3. Any of various typically tough, flexible, shiny plastics, often used for coverings and clothing.
  4. Phonograph records considered as a group: a secondhand store that buys and sells vinyl.
  5. on vinyl In the medium of phonograph recordings: an old song available only on vinyl.

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× മുന്തിരിത്തോട്ടം - Munthiriththottam | Munthirithottam


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