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A small instrument with four strings, played with a bow; a fiddle.

  1. A stringed instrument played with a bow, having four strings tuned at intervals of a fifth, an unfretted fingerboard, and a shallower body than the viol and capable of great flexibility in range, tone, and dynamics.

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× സാരംഗി - Saaramgi | Saramgi
× പ്രബലമായ - Prabalamaaya | Prabalamaya
× വയലിന്‍ - Vayalin‍
× നാലു കന്പിയുള്ള സംഗീതോപകരണം - Naalu Kanpiyulla Samgeethopakaranam | Nalu Kanpiyulla Samgeethopakaranam
× ഉഗ്രമായ - Ugramaaya | Ugramaya
× വയലിൻ - Vayalin


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