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To roll one's self about, as in mire; to tumble and roll about; to move lazily or heavily in any medium; to flounder; as, swine wallow in the mire.

  1. To roll the body about indolently or clumsily in or as if in water, snow, or mud.
  2. To luxuriate; revel: wallow in self-righteousness.
  3. To be plentifully supplied: wallowing in money.
  4. To move with difficulty in a clumsy or rolling manner; flounder: "The car wallowed back through the slush, with ribbons of bright water trickling down the windshield from the roof” ( Anne Tyler).
  5. To swell or surge forth; billow.
  6. The act or an instance of wallowing.
  7. A pool of water or mud where animals go to wallow.
  8. The depression, pool, or pit produced by wallowing animals.
  9. A condition of degradation or baseness.

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× പാപത്തില്‍ കിടന്ന്‌ മറിയുക - Paapaththil‍ Kidannu Mariyuka | Papathil‍ Kidannu Mariyuka
× നിമഗ്നമാകുക - Nimagnamaakuka | Nimagnamakuka
× ദുര്‍വ്യവസായങ്ങളില്‍ അത്യാസക്തിയോടെ വര്‍ത്തിക്കുക - Dhur‍vyavasaayangalil‍ Athyaasakthiyode Var‍ththikkuka | Dhur‍vyavasayangalil‍ Athyasakthiyode Var‍thikkuka
× കുഴയല്‍ - Kuzhayal‍
× നിറയുക - Nirayuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Jeremiah 48:26

"Make him drunk, Because he exalted himself against the LORD. Moab shall wallow in his vomit, And he shall also be in derision.

മോവാബ് യഹോവയുടെ നേരെ വമ്പു കാണിക്കകൊണ്ടു അവന്നു മത്തു പിടിപ്പിപ്പിൻ ; മോവാബ് തന്റെ ഛർദ്ദിയിൽ കിടന്നുരുളും; അവൻ പരിഹാസവിഷയമായ്തീരും.


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