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A small, hard tumor which is produced on the back of a horse by the heat or pressure of the saddle in traveling.

  1. To sing (a note or song, for example) with trills, runs, or other melodic embellishments.
  2. To sing with trills, runs, or quavers.
  3. To be sounded in a trilling or quavering manner.
  4. The act or an instance of singing with trills, runs, or quavers.
  5. An abscessed boillike swelling on the back of cattle, deer, and certain other animals, caused by the larva of a warble fly.
  6. The warble fly, especially in its larval stage.
  7. A hard lump of tissue on a riding horse's back caused by rubbing of the saddle.

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കൂകുക - Kookuka ;ശ്രുതി പാടുക - Shruthi Paaduka | Shruthi Paduka ;കവിതയാക്കി പാടുക - Kavithayaakki Paaduka | Kavithayakki Paduka ;രാഗാലാപനം ചെയ്യുക - Raagaalaapanam Cheyyuka | Ragalapanam Cheyyuka ;കൂജനം ചെയ്യുക - Koojanam Cheyyuka ;രാഗം ആലപിക്കുക - Raagam Aalapikkuka | Ragam alapikkuka ;

കുയിലുക - Kuyiluka ;രാഗം മൂളുക - Raagam Mooluka | Ragam Mooluka ;പക്ഷികള്‍ പാടുക - Pakshikal‍ Paaduka | Pakshikal‍ Paduka ;യുദ്ധം - Yuddham | Yudham ;പക്ഷികൾ പാടുക - Pakshikal Paaduka | Pakshikal Paduka ;പാടുക - Paaduka | Paduka ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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