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A storehouse for wares, or goods.

  1. A place in which goods or merchandise are stored; a storehouse.
  2. A large, usually wholesale shop.
  3. To place or store in a warehouse, especially in a bonded or government warehouse.
  4. To institutionalize (people) in usually deficient housing and in conditions in which medical, educational, psychiatric, and social services are below par or absent: "has felt forced to warehouse hundreds of children in temporary shelters” ( Justine Wise Polier).

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പൊതുവിതരണശാല - Pothuvitharanashaala | Pothuvitharanashala ;പണ്ടകശാല - Pandakashaala | Pandakashala ;ഗോഡൗണ്‍ - Godaun‍ | Godoun‍ ;പണ്‌ഡകശാല - Pandakashaala | Pandakashala ;ഭണ്‌ഡാരപ്പുരയില്‍ വച്ചു പൂട്ടുക - Bhandaarappurayil‍ Vachu Poottuka | Bhandarappurayil‍ Vachu Poottuka ;ഭണ്‌ഡാരപ്പുര - Bhandaarappura | Bhandarappura ;

കലവറ - Kalavara ;ഗോഡൗണ്‍ - Godaun‍ | Godoun‍ ;മൊത്തക്കച്ചവടശാല - Moththakkachavadashaala | Mothakkachavadashala ;ഭണ്‌ഡാരം - Bhandaaram | Bhandaram ;ഗോഡൗൺ - Godaun | Godoun ;സംഭരിച്ചു വയ്‌ക്കുക - Sambharichu Vaykkuka ;പാണ്ടികശാല - Paandikashaala | Pandikashala ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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