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A small, usually hard, tumor on the skin formed by enlargement of its vascular papillæ, and thickening of the epidermis which covers them.

  1. A hard rough lump growing on the skin, caused by infection with certain viruses and occurring typically on the hands or feet.
  2. A similar growth or protuberance, as on a plant.
  3. A genital wart.
  4. One that resembles or is likened to a wart, especially in unattractiveness or smallness.
  5. An imperfection; a flaw.
  6. warts and all Slang All defects and imperfections notwithstanding: They love each other, warts and all.

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× മുഴ - Muzha
× പാലുണ്ണി - Paalunni | Palunni
× മറുക് - Maruku
× അരിമ്പാറ - Arimpaara | Arimpara


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