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See Waive.

  1. To move freely back and forth or up and down in the air, as branches in the wind.
  2. To make a signal with an up-and-down or back-and-forth movement of the hand or an object held in the hand: waved as she drove by.
  3. To have an undulating or wavy form; curve or curl: Her hair waves naturally.
  4. To cause to move back and forth or up and down, either once or repeatedly: She waved a fan before her face.
  5. To move or swing as in giving a signal: He waved his hand. See Synonyms at flourish.
  6. To signal or express by waving the hand or an object held in the hand: We waved goodbye.
  7. To signal (a person) to move in a specified direction: The police officer waved the motorist into the right lane.
  8. To arrange into curves, curls, or undulations: wave one's hair.
  9. A ridge or swell moving through or along the surface of a large body of water.
  10. A small ridge or swell moving across the interface of two fluids and dependent on surface tension.
  11. The sea. Often used in the plural: vanished beneath the waves.
  12. Something that suggests the form and motion of a wave in the sea, especially:
  13. A moving curve or succession of curves in or on a surface; an undulation: waves of wheat in the wind.
  14. A curve or succession of curves, as in the hair.
  15. A curved shape, outline, or pattern.
  16. A movement up and down or back and forth: a wave of the hand.
  17. A surge or rush, as of sensation: a wave of nausea; a wave of indignation.
  18. A sudden great rise, as in activity or intensity: a wave of panic selling on the stock market.
  19. A rising trend that involves large numbers of individuals: a wave of conservatism.
  20. One of a succession of mass movements: the first wave of settlers.
  21. A maneuver in which fans at a sports event simulate an ocean wave by rising quickly in sequence with arms upraised and then quickly sitting down again in a continuous rolling motion.
  22. A widespread, persistent meteorological condition, especially of temperature: a heat wave.
  23. Physics A disturbance traveling through a medium by which energy is transferred from one particle of the medium to another without causing any permanent displacement of the medium itself.
  24. Physics A graphic representation of the variation of such a disturbance with time.
  25. Physics A single cycle of such a disturbance.
  26. wave off To dismiss or refuse by waving the hand or arm: waved off his invitation to join the group.
  27. wave off Sports To cancel or nullify by waving the arms, usually from a crossed position: waved off the goal because time had run out.

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കമ്പനം - Kampanam ;‎തിരമാല - ‎thiramaala | ‎thiramala ;അനക്കം - Anakkam ;അര്‍ഗ്ഗളി - Ar‍ggali ;കൂലതണ്ഡുലം - Koolathandulam ;തിരമാല - Thiramaala | Thiramala ;

അര്‍ഗ്ഗളം - Ar‍ggalam ;കൈമാടല്‍ - Kaimaadal‍ | Kaimadal‍ ;മുടിച്ചുരുള്‍ - Mudichurul‍ ;വീചി - Veechi ;കല്ലോലം - Kallolam ;അലയടിക്കുക - Alayadikkuka ;തിര - Thira ;ഊര്‍മ്മി - Oor‍mmi ;വീശുക - Veeshuka ;ഉലയ്‌ക്കുക - Ulaykkuka ;അര്‍ണ്ണം - Ar‍nnam ;പുണരി - Punari ;ഹില്ലോലം - Hillolam ;ഓളം - Olam ;തരംഗം - Tharamgam ;ഭണ്ഡി - Bhandi ;കല്ലോലം - Kallolam ;ആവേശം - Aavesham | avesham ;അല - Ala ;ജലതരംഗം - Jalatharamgam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Exodus 29:24

and you shall put all these in the hands of Aaron and in the hands of his sons, and you shall wave them as a wave offering before the LORD.

അതു ഒക്കെയും അഹരോന്റെ കയ്യിലും അവന്റെ പുത്രന്മാരുടെ കയ്യിലും വെച്ചു യഹോവയുടെ സന്നിധിയിൽ നീരാജനാർപ്പണമായി നീരാജനം ചെയ്യേണം.

Numbers 8:11

and Aaron shall offer the Levites before the LORD like a wave offering from the children of Israel, that they may perform the work of the LORD.

യഹോവയുടെ വേല ചെയ്യേണ്ടതിന്നു അഹരോൻ ലേവ്യരെ യഹോവയുടെ സന്നിധിയിൽ യിസ്രായേൽമക്കളുടെ നീരാജനയാഗമായി അർപ്പിക്കേണം.

Leviticus 9:21

but the breasts and the right thigh Aaron waved as a wave offering before the LORD, as Moses had commanded.

എന്നാൽ നെഞ്ചുകണ്ടങ്ങളും വലത്തെ കൈക്കുറകും മോശെ കല്പിച്ചതുപോലെ അഹരോൻ യഹോവയുടെ സന്നിധിയിൽ നീരാജാനാർപ്പണമായി നീരാജനം ചെയ്തു.


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