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The end of the week; specif., though loosely, the period observed commonly as a holiday, from Saturday noon or Friday night to Monday; as, to visit one for a week-end; also, a house party during a week-end.

  1. The end of the week, especially the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening.
  2. To spend weekends or a weekend.

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× ആഴ്‌ചാവസാനം - Aazhchaavasaanam | azhchavasanam
× വാരാന്ത്യം - Vaaraanthyam | Varanthyam
× ആഴ്ചാവസാനം - Aazhchaavasaanam | azhchavasanam
× വാരാവസാനം - Vaaraavasaanam | Varavasanam
× ആഴ്ച - Aazhcha | azhcha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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