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A grayish, coarse double blanket worn by countrywomen, in the west of England, over the shoulders, like a cloak or shawl.

  1. To cut small bits or pare shavings from (a piece of wood).
  2. To fashion or shape in this way: whittle a toy boat.
  3. To reduce or eliminate gradually, as if by whittling with a knife: whittled down the debt by making small payments.
  4. To cut or shape wood with a knife.

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× വലിയ കത്തി - Valiya Kaththi | Valiya Kathi
× കൃപാണം - Krupaanam | Krupanam
× ചെത്തി ചെറുതാക്കുക - Cheththi Cheruthaakkuka | Chethi Cheruthakkuka


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