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To begin to wither; to lose freshness and become flaccid, as a plant when exposed when exposed to drought, or to great heat in a dry day, or when separated from its root; to droop;. to wither.

  1. To become limp or flaccid; droop: plants wilting in the heat.
  2. To feel or exhibit the effects of fatigue or exhaustion; weaken markedly: "His brain wilted from hitherto unprecedented weariness” ( Vladimir Nabokov).
  3. To cause to droop or lose freshness.
  4. To deprive of energy or vigor; fatigue or exhaust.
  5. The act of wilting or the state of being wilted.
  6. Any of various plant diseases characterized by slow or rapid collapse of terminal shoots, branches, or entire plants.
  7. Archaic A second person singular present tense of will2.

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× ആത്മധൈര്യം ചോര്‍ന്നുപോവുക - Aathmadhairyam Chor‍nnupovuka | athmadhairyam Chor‍nnupovuka
× കരിയുക - Kariyuka
× വെളളം കിട്ടാതെ ഉണങ്ങുക - Velalam Kittaathe Unanguka | Velalam Kittathe Unanguka
× വെയിലത്തു വാട്ടുക - Veyilaththu Vaattuka | Veyilathu Vattuka
× വാടിപ്പോകുക - Vaadippokuka | Vadippokuka
× ആത്മധൈര്യം ചോർന്നുപോവുക - Aathmadhairyam Chornnupovuka | athmadhairyam Chornnupovuka
× സന്നദ്ധത - Sannaddhatha | Sannadhatha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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