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Having no wire;

  1. Having no wires: a wireless security system.
  2. Chiefly British Of or relating to radio or communication by radiotelegraphy or radiotelephony.
  3. A radio telegraph or radiotelephone system.
  4. A message transmitted by wireless telegraph or telephone.
  5. Chiefly British Radio.
  6. To communicate with or send communications by wireless.

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wireless telegraphy കമ്പിയില്ലാക്കമ്പി - wireless Telegraphy Kampiyillaakkampi | wireless Telegraphy Kampiyillakkampi ;റേഡിയോ - Rediyo ;കമ്പിയില്ലാക്കമ്പി - Kampiyillaakkampi | Kampiyillakkampi ;കമ്പിയടിക്കുക - Kampiyadikkuka ;കമ്പി - Kampi ;വയർലെസ് - Vayarlesu ;

ചരട് - Charadu ;ദൂരഭാഷണശ്രവണസഹായി - Dhoorabhaashanashravanasahaayi | Dhoorabhashanashravanasahayi ;കന്പിയില്ലാക്കന്പി - Kanpiyillaakkanpi | Kanpiyillakkanpi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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