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  1. A wind instrument in which sound is produced by the vibration of reeds in the mouthpiece, as a bassoon, clarinet, oboe, or saxophone, or by the passing of air across the mouthpiece, as a flute.
  2. The section of a band or orchestra composed of woodwind instruments.
  3. Woodwind instruments or their players considered as a group.

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× കുഴൽവാദ്യശ്രണി - Kuzhalvaadhyashrani | Kuzhalvadhyashrani
× കുഴല്‍വാദ്യശ്രണി - Kuzhal‍vaadhyashrani | Kuzhal‍vadhyashrani
× സുഷിരവാദ്യം - Sushiravaadhyam | Sushiravadhyam


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