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To move the body to and fro with short, writhing motions, like a worm; to squirm; to twist uneasily or quickly about.

  1. To turn or twist the body with sinuous writhing motions; squirm.
  2. To proceed with writhing motions.
  3. To worm one's way into or out of a situation; insinuate or extricate oneself by sly or subtle means.
  4. To move with a wriggling motion: wriggle a toe.
  5. To make (one's way, for example) by or as if by wriggling: He wriggled his way into favor.
  6. A wriggling movement.
  7. A sinuous path, line, or marking.

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× പിടയുക - Pidayuka
× പുളയുക - Pulayuka
× പിടയല്‍ - Pidayal‍
× പുളയല്‍ - Pulayal‍
× വക്രഗതി - Vakragathi


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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