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A large, esculent, farinaceous tuber of various climbing plants of the genus Dioscorea; also, the plants themselves. Mostly natives of warm climates. The plants have netted-veined, petioled leaves, and pods with three broad wings. The commonest species is D. sativa, but several others are cultivated.

  1. Any of numerous chiefly tropical vines of the genus Dioscorea, many of which have edible tuberous roots.
  2. The starchy root of any of these plants, used in the tropics as food.
  3. Chiefly Southern U.S. See sweet potato. See Regional Note at goober.

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× ചേന - Chena
× ഗുദാമയഹരം - Gudhaamayaharam | Gudhamayaharam
× കാച്ചില്‍ - Kaachil‍ | Kachil‍


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