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A dirigible balloon of the rigid type, consisting of a cylindrical trussed and covered frame supported by internal gas cells, and provided with means of propulsion and control. It was first successfully used by Ferdinand Count von Zeppelin.

  1. A rigid airship having a long cylindrical body supported by internal gas cells.

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× ആകാശക്കപ്പല്‍ - Aakaashakkappal‍ | akashakkappal‍
× പഴയ ജർമ്മൻ വിമാനം - Pazhaya Jarmman Vimaanam | Pazhaya Jarmman Vimanam
× ഇളംകാറ്റ് - Ilamkaattu | Ilamkattu
× പഴയ ജര്‍മ്മന്‍ വിമാനം - Pazhaya Jar‍mman‍ Vimaanam | Pazhaya Jar‍mman‍ Vimanam


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