I Me Myself

Hi there,


I’m Jenson, Coder from India. Connect me @

Gmail : jenson555@gmail.com

Twitter : jensons

Facebook : jenson555

LinkedIn : jensons

Stackoverflow : 834030

GitHub : jenson



Note : Not taking any Work @ this time. Thank You.

6 thoughts on “I Me Myself”

  1. Hi Jenson,

    I found ur English-Malayalam Dictionary very useful. Is there any website which translate english into malayalam.

  2. Hi Mini,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad that it helped you. At present, I don’t think any website which translate english to malayalam on the fly. Earlier in 2008, Google was running an English-Malayalam dictionary which doesn’t exist now. But I guess Google India is working to add Malayalam too in their translation service..not sure though..:)


  3. Hi Jenson,

    Your ENGLISH-MALAYALAM ditionary is very much useful for me. I always prefer your site rather selecting any other website.
    Thanks dude. All the best

  4. Hi Jenson,
    I am just after coming across your youtube video about PHP Maximum Execution Time Change. XAMPP and was wondering if you have ever try to connect to a external database server with xampp? if so could you give me a few pointers because I am currently trying to do that an having problems.


    Gary McShane

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