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Pronunciation of Bird  

English Meaning

  1. Any of various warm-blooded, egg-laying, feathered vertebrates of the class Aves, having forelimbs modified to form wings.
  2. Such an animal hunted as game.
  3. Such an animal, especially a chicken or turkey, used as food: put the bird in the oven.
  4. See clay pigeon.
  5. Sports See shuttlecock.
  6. Slang A rocket, guided missile, satellite, or airplane.
  7. Slang A person, especially one who is odd or remarkable: a sly old bird.
  8. Chiefly British Slang A young woman.
  9. Slang A loud sound expressing disapproval; a raspberry.
  10. Slang Discharge from employment: lost a big sale and nearly got the bird.
  11. An obscene gesture of anger, defiance, or derision made by pointing or jabbing the middle finger upward.
  12. To observe and identify birds in their natural surroundings.
  13. To trap, shoot, or catch birds.
  14. for the birds Objectionable or worthless.


Russian Meaning