Pronunciation of Bar  

English Meaning

  1. A relatively long, straight, rigid piece of solid material used as a fastener, support, barrier, or structural or mechanical member.
  2. A solid oblong block of a substance, such as soap or candy.
  3. A rectangular block of a precious metal.
  4. Sports A horizontal bar.
  5. Sports A horizontal rod that marks the height to be cleared in high jumping or pole vaulting.
  6. A standard, expectation, or degree of requirement: a leader whose example set a high bar for others.
  7. Something that impedes or prevents action or progress. See Synonyms at obstacle.
  8. A ridge, as of sand or gravel, on a shore or streambed, that is formed by the action of tides or currents.
  9. A narrow marking, as a stripe or band.
  10. A narrow metal or embroidered strip worn on a military uniform indicating rank or service.
  11. Chiefly British A small insignia worn on a military decoration indicating that it has been awarded an additional time.
  12. Heraldry A pair of horizontal parallel lines drawn across a shield.
  13. Law The nullification, defeat, or prevention of a claim or action.
  14. Law The process by which nullification, defeat, or prevention is achieved.
  15. The railing in a courtroom enclosing the part of the room where the judges and lawyers sit, witnesses are heard, and prisoners are tried.
  16. A place of judgment; a tribunal.
  17. Law Attorneys considered as a group.
  18. Law The profession of law.
  19. Music A vertical line drawn through a staff to mark off a measure.
  20. Music A measure.
  21. Variant of barre.
  22. A counter at which drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, and sometimes food, are served.
  23. An establishment or room having such a counter.
  24. To fasten securely with a long, straight, rigid piece of material.
  25. To shut in or out with or as if with bars.
  26. To obstruct or impede; block.
  27. To keep out; exclude. See Synonyms at hinder1.
  28. To rule out; except.
  29. To mark with stripes or bands.
  30. Law To stop (a claim or action) by objection.
  31. Except for; excluding: This was your best performance, bar none.
  32. behind bars In prison.
  33. A unit of pressure equal to one million (106) dynes per square centimeter.


Kannada Meaning




ವಕೀಲರ ಸಂಘ

ಉಪಾಹಾರ ಮಂದಿರದ ಆವರಣ




ಉಪಹಾರ ಮ೦ದಿರ