Pronunciation of Golden  

English Meaning

  1. Of, relating to, made of, or containing gold.
  2. Having the color of gold or a yellow color suggestive of gold.
  3. Lustrous; radiant: the golden sun.
  4. Suggestive of gold, as in richness or splendor: a golden voice.
  5. Of the greatest value or importance; precious.
  6. Marked by peace, prosperity, and often creativeness: a golden era.
  7. Very favorable or advantageous; excellent: a golden opportunity.
  8. Having a promising future; seemingly assured of success: a golden generation.
  9. Of or relating to a 50th anniversary.

Tamil Meaning

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வண்ணத்தில் (அ) மதிப்பில் தங்கம் போன்ற