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One of the vessels which carry blood, either venous or arterial, to the heart. See Artery, 2.

  1. Anatomy Any of the membranous tubes that form a branching system and carry blood to the heart.
  2. A blood vessel.
  3. Botany One of the vascular bundles or ribs that form the branching framework of conducting and supporting tissues in a leaf or other expanded plant organ. Also called nervure.
  4. Zoology One of the horny ribs that stiffen and support the wing of an insect. Also called nervure.
  5. Geology A regularly shaped and lengthy occurrence of an ore; a lode.
  6. A long wavy strip of a different shade or color, as in wood or marble, or as mold in cheese.
  7. A fissure, crack, or cleft.
  8. A pervading character or quality; a streak: "All through the interminable narrative there ran a vein of impressive earnestness” ( Mark Twain). See Synonyms at streak.
  9. A transient attitude or mood.
  10. A particular turn of mind: spoke later in a more serious vein.
  11. To supply or fill with veins.
  12. To mark or decorate with veins.

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മാനസികാവസ്ഥ - Maanasikaavastha | Manasikavastha
ലോഹരേഖ - Loharekha
സ്വഭാവം - Svabhaavam | swabhavam
മനോവൃത്തി - Manovruththi | Manovruthi
നീലിനി - Neelini
ഞരമ്പ് - Njarampu
ശീലം - Sheelam
രക്തവാഹിനി - Rakthavaahini | Rakthavahini
ശൈലി - Shaili
നാഡി - Naadi | Nadi
ധമനി - Dhamani
വര - Vara
രക്തസിര - Rakthasira
ഗുണം - Gunam
മനോഗതി - Manogathi
ഭാവം - Bhaavam | Bhavam
സിര - Sira
രുധിരനാളം - Rudhiranaalam | Rudhiranalam


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