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The act of giving premature birth; particularly, the expulsion of the human fetus prematurely, or before it is capable of sustaining life; miscarriage.

  1. Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival.
  2. Any of various procedures that result in such termination and expulsion. Also called induced abortion.
  3. The premature expulsion of a nonviable fetus from the uterus; a miscarriage.
  4. Cessation of normal growth, especially of an organ or other body part, prior to full development or maturation.
  5. An aborted organism.
  6. Something malformed or incompletely developed; a monstrosity.

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പൂര്‍ണ്ണപരാജയം - Poor‍nnaparaajayam | Poor‍nnaparajayam
ഭ്രൂണഹത്യ - Bhroonahathya
അകാലപ്രസവം - Akaalaprasavam | Akalaprasavam


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