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Broken off; very steep, or craggy, as rocks, precipices, banks; precipitous; steep; as, abrupt places.

  1. Unexpectedly sudden: an abrupt change in the weather.
  2. Surprisingly curt; brusque: an abrupt answer made in anger.
  3. Touching on one subject after another with sudden transitions: abrupt prose.
  4. Steeply inclined. See Synonyms at steep1.
  5. Botany Terminating suddenly rather than gradually; truncate: an abrupt leaf.

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പരുഷമായ - Parushamaaya | Parushamaya
ആകസ്‌മികമായ - Aakasmikamaaya | akasmikamaya
കീഴുക്കാം തൂക്കായ - Keezhukkaam Thookkaaya | Keezhukkam Thookkaya
നിര്‍മ്മര്യാദമായ - Nir‍mmaryaadhamaaya | Nir‍mmaryadhamaya
അവിചാരിതമായ - Avichaarithamaaya | Avicharithamaya
പാറ നിറഞ്ഞ - Paara Niranja | Para Niranja
കിഴുക്കാന്‍ തൂക്കായ - Kizhukkaan‍ Thookkaaya | Kizhukkan‍ Thookkaya
അപ്രതീക്ഷിതമായ - Apratheekshithamaaya | Apratheekshithamaya


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