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The form of anything; shape; outline; appearance.

  1. A written or printed symbol representing something other than a letter, especially a number.
  2. Mathematical calculations: good at figures.
  3. An amount represented in numbers: sold for a large figure.
  4. Mathematics A geometric form consisting of any combination of points, lines, or planes: A triangle is a plane figure.
  5. The outline, form, or silhouette of a thing.
  6. The shape or form of a human body.
  7. An indistinct object or shape: saw figures dashing down the street.
  8. A person, especially a well-known one: a famous historical figure.
  9. A person's public image or presence: became a tragic figure overnight.
  10. Impression or appearance made: cuts a dashing figure.
  11. A person, animal, or object that symbolizes something.
  12. A pictorial or sculptural representation, especially of the human body.
  13. A diagram.
  14. A design or pattern, as in a textile: silk with a paisley figure.
  15. An illustration printed from an engraved plate or block.
  16. A configuration or distinct group of steps in a dance.
  17. A pattern traced by a series of movements, as in ice skating.
  18. Music A brief melodic or harmonic unit often constituting the basis of a larger phrase or structure.
  19. Logic Any one of the forms that a syllogism can take, depending on the position of the middle term.
  20. Mathematics To calculate with numbers.
  21. To make a likeness of; depict.
  22. To adorn with a design or figures.
  23. Music To write a sequence of conventionalized numbers below or above (the bass line) to indicate harmony.
  24. Music To embellish with an ornamental pattern.
  25. Informal To conclude, believe, or predict: I never figured that this would happen.
  26. Informal To consider or regard: figured them as con artists.
  27. Mathematics To calculate; compute.
  28. To be or seem important or prominent.
  29. To be pertinent or involved: politicians who figured in the scandal.
  30. Informal To seem reasonable or expected: It figures.
  31. figure in To include, as in making an account: figured in travel expenses.
  32. figure on Informal To depend on: We figured on your support.
  33. figure on Informal To take into consideration; expect: I figured on an hour's delay.
  34. figure on Informal To plan: We figure on leaving at noon.
  35. figure out Informal To discover or decide: Let's figure out a way to help.
  36. figure out Informal To solve or decipher: Can you figure out this puzzle?

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ചിത്രം - Chithram
കാണുക - Kaanuka | Kanuka
തെളിവായി പറയുക - Thelivaayi Parayuka | Thelivayi Parayuka
അക്കം - Akkam
ആകൃതി - Aakruthi | akruthi
പടമായി അവതരിപ്പിക്കുക - Padamaayi Avatharippikkuka | Padamayi Avatharippikkuka
രൂപം - Roopam
വില - Vila
കരുതുക - Karuthuka
ശരീരം - Shareeram
പടിമം - Padimam
ആവിഷ്‌കരിക്കുക - Aavishkarikkuka | avishkarikkuka
മാതൃക - Maathruka | Mathruka
വിചാരിക്കുക - Vichaarikkuka | Vicharikkuka
അക്കം - അക്കം
പ്രതിമ - Prathima
ബിംബം - Bimbam
ആകൃതിപ്പെടുത്തുക - Aakruthippeduththuka | akruthippeduthuka
മനുഷ്യരൂപം - മനുഷ്യരൂപം
വടി - Vadi
പേശം - Pesham
എണ്ണം - Ennam
ആകാരം - Aakaaram | akaram
സത്വം - Sathvam
പ്രസിദ്ധിനേടുക - Prasiddhineduka | Prasidhineduka
സ്വരൂപം - Svaroopam | swaroopam
ബാഹ്യരൂപം - Baahyaroopam | Bahyaroopam
തുക - Thuka
പ്രതിച്ഛായ - Prathichchaaya | Prathichchaya
ഗണിതരൂപം - Ganitharoopam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

John 16:29

His disciples said to Him, "See, now You are speaking plainly, and using no figure of speech!

അതിന്നു അവന്റെ ശിഷ്യന്മാർ: ഇപ്പോൾ നീ സദൃശം ഒന്നും പറയാതെ സ്പഷ്ടമായി സംസാരിക്കുന്നു.

Isaiah 44:13

The craftsman stretches out his rule, He marks one out with chalk; He fashions it with a plane, He marks it out with the compass, And makes it like the figure of a man, According to the beauty of a man, that it may remain in the house.

ആശാരി തോതുപിടിച്ചു ഈയക്കോൽകൊണ്ടു അടയാളമിട്ടു ചീകുളികൊണ്ടു രൂപമാക്കുകയും വൃത്തയന്ത്രംകൊണ്ടു വരെക്കയും ചെയ്യുന്നു; ഇങ്ങനെ അവൻ അതിനെ മനുഷ്യാകൃതിയിലും പുരുഷകോമളത്വത്തിലും തീർത്തു ക്ഷേത്രത്തിൽ വെക്കുന്നു.


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