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Capable of being received.

  1. Suitable for being received or accepted, especially as payment.
  2. Awaiting or requiring payment; due or collectible.
  3. A business asset due to one business from another. Often used in the plural.

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കിട്ടത്തക്ക - Kittaththakka | Kittathakka
സ്വീകാരയോഗ്യമായ - Sveekaarayogyamaaya | sweekarayogyamaya
സ്വീകരിക്കത്തക്ക - Sveekarikkaththakka | sweekarikkathakka
കൈക്കൊള്ളത്തക്ക - Kaikkollaththakka | Kaikkollathakka


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