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That which serves, or is used, for receiving and containing something, as a basket, a vase, a bag, a reservoir; a repository.

  1. A container that holds items or matter.
  2. Botany The expanded tip of a flower stalk or axis that bears the floral organs or the group of flowers in a head.
  3. Electronics A fitting connected to a power supply and equipped to receive a plug.

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ഭാജനം - Bhaajanam | Bhajanam
ആധാരം - Aadhaaram | adharam
പാത്രം - Paathram | Pathram
സംഭരണി - Sambharani
ആസ്‌പദം - Aaspadham | aspadham
പുഷ്‌പാധാരം - Pushpaadhaaram | Pushpadharam
അധിഷ്‌ഠാനം - Adhishdaanam | Adhishdanam
ആസ്പദം - Aaspadham | aspadham
ആശ്രയം - Aashrayam | ashrayam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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