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To come back; to return again or repeatedly; to come again to mind.

  1. To happen, come up, or show up again or repeatedly.
  2. To return to one's attention or memory.
  3. To return in thought or discourse.
  4. To have recourse: recur to the use of force.

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പുനരാഗമിക്കുക - Punaraagamikkuka | Punaragamikkuka
ആവര്‍ത്തിക്കുക - Aavar‍ththikkuka | avar‍thikkuka
സ്മരണയിലെത്തുക - Smaranayileththuka | Smaranayilethuka
ആവിര്‍ഭവിക്കുക - Aavir‍bhavikkuka | avir‍bhavikkuka


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