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Any instrument showing the changes in the weight of the atmosphere; also, less appropriately, any instrument that indicates or foreshadows changes of the weather, as a deep vial of liquid holding in suspension some substance which rises and falls with atmospheric changes.

  1. barometer

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× വായു ഘനവിപര്യയ സൂചകയന്ത്രം - Vaayu Ghanaviparyaya Soochakayanthram | Vayu Ghanaviparyaya Soochakayanthram
× ബാരോമീറ്റർ - Baaromeettar | Baromeettar
× വായുഘനവിപര്യയസൂചകയന്ത്രം - Vaayughanaviparyayasoochakayanthram | Vayughanaviparyayasoochakayanthram
× പ്രഭു - Prabhu
× ബാരോമീറ്റര്‍ - Baaromeettar‍ | Baromeettar‍
× ബാരോമീറ്റര്‍ - Baaromeettar‍ | Baromeettar‍


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