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Any one of numerous species of large gallinaceous birds of the genus Phasianus, and many other genera of the family Phasianidæ, found chiefly in Asia.

  1. Any of various Old World birds of the family Phasianidae, especially the ring-necked pheasant introduced in North America, characteristically having long tails and, in the males of many species, brilliantly colored plumage.
  2. Any of several other birds that resemble the pheasant, such as the partridge.

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വണ്ടാരന്‍കോഴി - Vandaaran‍kozhi | Vandaran‍kozhi

ഉപ്പൻ - Uppan

വാന്‍ കോഴി - Vaan‍ Kozhi | Van‍ Kozhi

വണ്ടാരക്കോഴി - Vandaarakkozhi | Vandarakkozhi


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