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A breed of dogs having curly hair, and often showing remarkable intelligence in the performance of tricks.

  1. Any of a breed of dogs originally developed in Europe as hunting dogs, having thick curly hair of varying color, and classified by shoulder height into standard, miniature, and toy varieties.

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നായ്‌ - Naayu | Nayu

ചുരുണ്ടുനീണ്ട രോമങ്ങളുള്ളൊ ഒരിനം നായ്‌ - Churunduneenda Romangalullo Orinam Naayu | Churunduneenda Romangalullo Orinam Nayu

ധാരാളം രോമമുള്ള നായ്‌ - Dhaaraalam Romamulla Naayu | Dharalam Romamulla Nayu


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