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A tree or shrub of the genus Prunus (Which also includes the plum) bearing a fleshy drupe with a bony stone;

  1. Any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus, especially P. avium or P. cerasus, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having pink or white flowers and small juicy drupes.
  2. The yellow, red, or blackish fruit of any of these plants.
  3. The wood of any of these plants, especially black cherry.
  4. Any of various plants, such as the Barbados cherry or the cornelian cherry, having fruits resembling a cherry.
  5. A moderate or strong red to purplish red.
  6. Vulgar Slang The hymen considered as a symbol of virginity.
  7. Containing or having the flavor of cherries.
  8. Made of the wood of a cherry tree: a cherry cabinet.
  9. Of a moderate or strong red to purplish red.

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തുടുത്ത - Thuduththa | Thudutha

ഒരുതരം മാധുര്യമേറിയ ചുവപ്പുകല്ലന്‍ പഴം - Orutharam Maadhuryameriya Chuvappukallan‍ Pazham | Orutharam Madhuryameriya Chuvappukallan‍ Pazham

ഇലന്തമരം - Ilanthamaram

ചെറി - Cheri


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