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A treasurer, or cash keeper; a purser; as, the bursar of a college, or of a monastery.

  1. An official in charge of funds, as at a college or university; a treasurer.

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× വിദ്യാലയത്തിന്‍റെയോ കോളേജിന്‍റെയോ ധനകാര്യത്തിന്‍റെ ചുമതലയുള്ളയാള്‍ - Vidhyaalayaththin‍reyo Kolejin‍reyo Dhanakaaryaththin‍re Chumathalayullayaal‍ | Vidhyalayathin‍reyo Kolejin‍reyo Dhanakaryathin‍re Chumathalayullayal‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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