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A cave, grotto, or subterraneous place of large extent used for the burial of the dead; -- commonly in the plural.

  1. An underground cemetery consisting of chambers or tunnels with recesses for graves. Often used in the plural.
  2. An underground, often labyrinthine passageway.

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കല്ലറ - Kallara ;ശ്‌മശാനഗുഹ - Shmashaanaguha | Shmashanaguha ;ശ്മശാനഗുഹ - Shmashaanaguha | Shmashanaguha ;ഭൂഗർഭകല്ലറ - Bhoogarbhakallara ;ഭൂഗര്‍ഭക്കല്ലറ - Bhoogar‍bhakkallara ;അന്തര്‍ഭൗമശ്‌മശാനം - Anthar‍bhaumashmashaanam | Anthar‍bhoumashmashanam ;

ഭൂഗര്‍ഭകല്ലറ - Bhoogar‍bhakallara ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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