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An officer who ranks next above a captain; sometimes, by courtesy, the senior captain of a squadron. The rank of commodore corresponds with that of brigadier general in the army.

  1. A commissioned rank formerly used in the U.S. Navy that was above captain and below rear admiral. Abolished in 1899, it was restored temporarily during World War II.
  2. One who holds this rank.
  3. Used as an unofficial designation for a captain in the British Navy temporarily in command of a fleet division or squadron.
  4. The senior captain of a naval squadron or merchant fleet.
  5. The presiding officer of a yacht club.

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× വ്യോമസേനയുടെ സഹായസേനാപതി - Vyomasenayude Sahaayasenaapathi | Vyomasenayude Sahayasenapathi
× അനുയോജ്യമായ - Anuyojyamaaya | Anuyojyamaya
× എയർകാപ്‌ടന്റെ തൊട്ടുമീതെയുള്ള പദവി - Eyarkaapdante Thottumeetheyulla Padhavi | Eyarkapdante Thottumeetheyulla Padhavi
× വിസ്താരമുള്ള - Visthaaramulla | Vistharamulla
× ഉപനാവിക സേനാപതി - Upanaavika Senaapathi | Upanavika Senapathi
× വായുസേനയുടെ ഒരു ഉന്നതാധികാരി - Vaayusenayude Oru Unnathaadhikaari | Vayusenayude Oru Unnathadhikari
× സൗകര്യപ്രദമായ - Saukaryapradhamaaya | Soukaryapradhamaya
× ഉപനാവിക സേനാപതി - Upanaavika Senaapathi | Upanavika Senapathi
× വിശാലമായ - Vishaalamaaya | Vishalamaya


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