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A genus of iridaceous plants, with pretty blossoms rising separately from the bulb or corm. C. vernus is one of the earliest of spring-blooming flowers; C. sativus produces the saffron, and blossoms in the autumn.

  1. Any of various perennial Eurasian herbs of the genus Crocus, having grasslike leaves and showy, variously colored flowers.
  2. Any of several other plants, such as the autumn crocus.
  3. A grayish to light reddish purple.
  4. A dark red powdered variety of iron oxide, Fe2O3, used as an abrasive for polishing.
  5. A coarse, loosely woven material like burlap, once used to make sacks for shipping saffron. See Regional Note at gunnysack.

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× മുതല - Muthala


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