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A prolonged or exhaustive discussion; especially, an acrimonious or invective harangue; a strain of abusive or railing language; a philippic.

  1. A bitter, abusive denunciation.

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× അപഭാഷണം - Apabhaashanam | Apabhashanam
× എഴുത്തിലൂടെയോ പറച്ചിലിലൂടെയോ ഉള്ള ഉഗ്രമായ അധിക്ഷേപം - Ezhuththiloodeyo Parachililoodeyo Ulla Ugramaaya Adhikshepam | Ezhuthiloodeyo Parachililoodeyo Ulla Ugramaya Adhikshepam
× എഴുത്തിലൂടെയോ പറച്ചിലിലടെയോ ഉളള ഉഗ്രമായ അധിക്ഷേപം - Ezhuththiloodeyo Parachililadeyo Ulala Ugramaaya Adhikshepam | Ezhuthiloodeyo Parachililadeyo Ulala Ugramaya Adhikshepam
× ഡയറി - Dayari


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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