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The freezing, or effect of a freezing, of some part of the body, as the ears or nose.

  1. Injury or destruction of skin and underlying tissue, most often that of the nose, ears, fingers, or toes, resulting from prolonged exposure to freezing or subfreezing temperatures.
  2. To injure or damage by freezing.

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× ശീതാധിക്യത്താലുണ്ടാക്ുന് ശരീരവീക്കം - Sheethaadhikyaththaalundaakunu Shareeraveekkam | Sheethadhikyathalundakunu Shareeraveekkam
× ശൈത്യം - Shaithyam
× ഹിമം - Himam
× ശീതാധിക്യത്താലുണ്ടാകുന്ന ശരീരവീക്കം - Sheethaadhikyaththaalundaakunna Shareeraveekkam | Sheethadhikyathalundakunna Shareeraveekkam
× തുഷാരം - Thushaaram | Thusharam


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