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Congealed with cold; affected by freezing; as, a frozen brook.

  1. Past participle of freeze.
  2. Made into, covered with, or surrounded by ice.
  3. Very cold: the frozen North.
  4. Preserved by freezing: frozen meat.
  5. Rendered immobile: frozen in their tracks with fear.
  6. Immobile, as from pain or inflammation. Used of a joint: a frozen shoulder.
  7. Expressive of cold unfriendliness or disdain: a frozen look on their faces.
  8. Kept at a fixed level: frozen rents.
  9. Impossible to withdraw, sell, or liquidate: frozen assets.

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× കട്ടിയായ - Kattiyaaya | Kattiyaya
× ഉറഞ്ഞ - Uranja
× തണുപ്പൻ സ്വീകരണം - Thanuppan Sveekaranam | Thanuppan sweekaranam
× തണുത്ത - Thanuththa | Thanutha


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