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An instrument for measuring time, especially the interval of an hour. It consists of a glass vessel having two compartments, from the uppermost of which a quantity of sand, water, or mercury occupies an hour in running through a small aperture unto the lower.

  1. An instrument for measuring time, consisting of two glass chambers connected by a narrow neck and containing a quantity of sand, mercury, or another flowing substance that trickles from the upper chamber to the lower in a fixed amount of time, often one hour.
  2. Shaped like an hourglass: an hourglass design; an hourglass figure.

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× നാഴികച്ചിരട്ട - Naazhikachiratta | Nazhikachiratta
× ചൊരിമണല്‍ ഘടികാരം - Chorimanal‍ Ghadikaaram | Chorimanal‍ Ghadikaram
× ചൊരിമണൽ ഘടികാരം - Chorimanal Ghadikaaram | Chorimanal Ghadikaram


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