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The distinctive tenet of the humanitarians in denying the divinity of Christ; also, the whole system of doctrine based upon this view of Christ.

  1. Concern for human welfare, especially as manifested through philanthropy.
  2. The belief that the sole moral obligation of humankind is the improvement of human welfare.
  3. Theology The doctrine holding that Jesus was human only and not divine.

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മാനവതമാനുയായി - Maanavathamaanuyaayi | Manavathamanuyayi ;മാനവമതാനുയായി - Maanavamathaanuyaayi | Manavamathanuyayi ;ലോകോപകാരിത്വം - Lokopakaarithvam | Lokopakarithvam ;ജീവകാരുണ്യം - Jeevakaarunyam | Jeevakarunyam ;ലോകോപകാരി - Lokopakaari | Lokopakari ;മനുഷ്യത്വമതം - Manushyathvamatham ;

ലോകോപകാരിത്വം - Lokopakaarithvam | Lokopakarithvam ;മനുഷ്യസ്‌നേഹി - Manushyasnehi ;ദീനദയാലു - Dheenadhayaalu | Dheenadhayalu ;മനുഷ്യസ്‌നേഹവാദം - Manushyasnehavaadham | Manushyasnehavadham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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