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One of a class of cellular, flowerless plants, (technically called Lichenes), having no distinction of leaf and stem, usually of scaly, expanded, frond-like forms, but sometimes erect or pendulous and variously branched. They derive their nourishment from the air, and generate by means of spores. The species are very widely distributed, and form irregular spots or patches, usually of a greenish or yellowish color, upon rocks, trees, and various bodies, to which they adhere with great tenacity. They are often improperly called rock moss or tree moss.

  1. A fungus, usually of the class Ascomycetes, that grows symbiotically with algae, resulting in a composite organism that characteristically forms a crustlike or branching growth on rocks or tree trunks.
  2. Pathology Any of various skin diseases characterized by patchy eruptions of small, firm papules.
  3. To cover with lichens.

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× ശിലാശൈലം - Shilaashailam | Shilashailam
× ശിലാവൽക്കലസസ്യശാസ്‌ത്രം - Shilaavalkkalasasyashaasthram | Shilavalkkalasasyashasthram
× ഈര് - Eeru
× ശിലാശൈവലം - Shilaashaivalam | Shilashaivalam
× കല്‍പ്പായല്‍ - Kal‍ppaayal‍ | Kal‍ppayal‍


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