Pronunciation of Mudlark  


English Meaning

  1. A pig; pork.
  2. One who scavenges in river or harbor mud for items of value, especially in London during the Industrial Revolution. Also applies to a person scavenging sewers. A person that begs near a river. (rare) A sewer cleaner. (rare)
  3. A child who spends most of their time in the streets especially in slum areas. A child who plays in the mud. Any dirty or unkempt person.
  4. Nickname for a soldier of the Royal Engineers.
  5. Assorted birds that are found in muddy places or build their nests with mud. Especially Anthus petrosus and Alauda arvensis.
  6. The Grallina cyanoleuca that builds its nest with mud into a bowl like shape.
  7. A racing horse that performs well on muddy or wet tracks.


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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