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A right-lined quadrilateral figure, whose opposite sides are parallel, and consequently equal; -- sometimes restricted in popular usage to a rectangle, or quadrilateral figure which is longer than it is broad, and with right angles.

  1. A four-sided plane figure with opposite sides parallel.

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സമാന്തരഭുജം - Samaantharabhujam | Samantharabhujam ;സാമാന്തരികം - Saamaantharikam | Samantharikam ;എതിര്‍വശങ്ങള്‍ സമവും സമാന്തരവുമായ ചതുര്‍ഭുജം - Ethir‍vashangal‍ Samavum Samaantharavumaaya Chathur‍bhujam | Ethir‍vashangal‍ Samavum Samantharavumaya Chathur‍bhujam ;സമാന്തര ചതുര്‍ഭുജം - Samaanthara Chathur‍bhujam | Samanthara Chathur‍bhujam ;(ജ്യാമിതി) സമാന്തരീകം - (jyaamithi) Samaanthareekam | (jyamithi) Samanthareekam ;താത്പര്യമുള്ള - Thaathparyamulla | Thathparyamulla ;

സമാന്തരചതുര്‍ഭുജം - Samaantharachathur‍bhujam | Samantharachathur‍bhujam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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