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The crime against nature; sodomy.

  1. Erotic love, sexually expressed or chaste, between a man and an adolescent boy.
  2. Anal intercourse in general, usually between a man and an adolescent boy.

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× ഒരു മുതിർന്ന പുരുഷനും ഒരു ആണ്‍കുട്ടിയും തമ്മിലുള്ള സ്വവര്‍ഗലൈംഗികത - Oru Muthirnna Purushanum Oru Aan‍kuttiyum Thammilulla Svavar‍galaimgikatha | Oru Muthirnna Purushanum Oru an‍kuttiyum Thammilulla swavar‍galaimgikatha
× സാമ്പത്തികമായ - Saampaththikamaaya | Sampathikamaya


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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