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One of the bishops of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, who presides at the meetings of the bishops, and has certain privileges but no metropolitan authority.

  1. The first in rank of the bishops of Scotland.

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× ഒന്നാമനായ - Onnaamanaaya | Onnamanaya
× ഒന്നാമന്‍ - Onnaaman‍ | Onnaman‍
× പുരാതനമായ - Puraathanamaaya | Purathanamaya
× ഒരു തരം സ്റ്റൗവ്‌ - Oru Tharam Sttauvu | Oru Tharam Sttouvu
× പ്രാകൃതമായ - Praakruthamaaya | Prakruthamaya


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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