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The delicate membrane by which the back part of the globe of the eye is lined, and in which the fibers of the optic nerve terminate. See Eye.

  1. A delicate, multilayered, light-sensitive membrane lining the inner eyeball and connected by the optic nerve to the brain.

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× നേത്രാന്തര പടലം - Nethraanthara Padalam | Nethranthara Padalam
× നേത്രാന്തരസിരാപടലം - Nethraantharasiraapadalam | Nethrantharasirapadalam
× രശ്‌മിഗ്രാഹി - Rashmigraahi | Rashmigrahi
× നേത്രാന്തരപടലം - Nethraantharapadalam | Nethrantharapadalam


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