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The tarpum.

  1. Any of various fishes having silvery scales, such as a tarpon or silverside.
  2. A small silvery or gray bristletail (Lepisma saccharina) that feeds on the starchy material in bookbindings, wallpaper, clothing, and food, often causing extensive damage.

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ഒരു തരം ചെറുപ്രാണി - Oru Tharam Cherupraani | Oru Tharam Cheruprani ;വെള്ളി - Velli ;ഇരട്ടവാലി - Irattavaali | Irattavali ; ;രജതവരകളുള്ള വെണ്മീന്‍ - Rajathavarakalulla Venmeen‍ ;ഇരട്ടവാലന്‍ - Irattavaalan‍ | Irattavalan‍ ;


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