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A species of coarse potter's ware, glazed and baked.

  1. A heavy, nonporous, nontranslucent pottery, such as jasper ware, that is fired at a high temperature.

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ഒരു വക കല്‍പ്പാത്രം - Oru Vaka Kal‍ppaathram | Oru Vaka Kal‍ppathram ;കല്‍ഭരണി - Kal‍bharani ;ഒരു വക കൽപ്പാത്രം - Oru Vaka Kalppaathram | Oru Vaka Kalppathram ;കല്ലെറിയുക - Kalleriyuka ;കല്ലു - Kallu ;കല്ല് - Kallu ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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