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The title by which the shogun, or former commander in chief of the Japanese army, was known to foreigners.

  1. A wealthy and powerful businessperson or industrialist; a magnate.
  2. Used formerly as a title for a Japanese shogun.

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× പ്രമുഖ നേതാവ്‌ - Pramukha Nethaavu | Pramukha Nethavu
× ദ്വയം - Dhvayam
× പ്രമുഖ വ്യവസായി - Pramukha Vyavasaayi | Pramukha Vyavasayi
× വ്യവസായ പ്രമുഖന്‍ - Vyavasaaya Pramukhan‍ | Vyavasaya Pramukhan‍
× വ്യവസായ പ്രമുഖൻ - Vyavasaaya Pramukhan | Vyavasaya Pramukhan
× ദ്വൈത - Dhvaitha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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