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Of or pertaining to analysis; resolving into elements or constituent parts; as, an analytical experiment; analytic reasoning; -- opposed to synthetic.

  1. Of or relating to analysis or analytics.
  2. Dividing into elemental parts or basic principles.
  3. Reasoning or acting from a perception of the parts and interrelations of a subject: "Many of the most serious pianists have turned toward more analytic playing, with a renewed focus on the architecture and ideas of music” ( Annalyn Swan).
  4. Expert in or using analysis, especially in thinking: an analytic mind; an analytic approach. See Synonyms at logical.
  5. Logic Following necessarily; tautologous: an analytic truth.
  6. Mathematics Using, subjected to, or capable of being subjected to a methodology involving algebra or other methods of mathematical analysis.
  7. Mathematics Proving a known truth by reasoning from that which is to be proved.
  8. Linguistics Expressing a grammatical category by using two or more words instead of an inflected form.
  9. Psychoanalytic.

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× വിശ്ലേഷണസംബന്ധിയായ - Vishleshanasambandhiyaaya | Vishleshanasambandhiyaya
× വിശകലനം - Vishakalanam
× അപഗ്രഥനപരമായ - Apagrathanaparamaaya | Apagrathanaparamaya


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